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Wedding Cupcakes, originally uploaded by Manassas Cakery.

Another cupcake topper, two hearts joining into one as the bride and groom have done.


originally uploaded by Fi20100.

The joy of the day is captured beautifully in the bride’s feet lifting from her shoes with the serene look of content on both her and her groom’s face. Short simple and sweet!

It’s called “Love one another” and is part of the Most Sincerely line designed by Claire Stoner.

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donut cake, originally uploaded by Manassas Cakery.

Aw, aren’t they such a “sweet” couple? Or maybe they’re just a couple of nuts, donuts that is!

originally uploaded by bellnad.

A cupcake topper that could almost steal the show from the bride!

Prince Charming prepares to carry of his Princess Bride to his castle in this elaborate and classic cake topper. Good luck with all those stairs!

Ahhh…the happy couple…, originally uploaded by pmsandvodka.

For the couple looking for a little realism in their cake topper!

A sign for things to come or merely a coincidence? Here’s hoping for Hans once Leia finds his hand that low on her backside. He’s going to need more than the power of the Force to save him.


Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

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