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With This Ring 9/01/09 a great wedding cake topper, originally uploaded by dianecordell.

This was the topper for our wedding cake. 36 years later, the decoration is still in good condition, and so is the marriage. Happy Anniversary, Tim!

Editor – It looks brand new after 36 years, hopefully the couple is doing just as well.

20000212 - Clint & Carolyn's Wedding Reception_Wedding-Cake_Topper by Captain CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSS.

Just make sure you don’t step on her dress!

Wedding Cake Topper by Jurischk.

A different angle makes this couple look like the groom’s telling the bride a secret. What could it be?

Wedding Cupcakes, originally uploaded by Manassas Cakery.

Another cupcake topper, two hearts joining into one as the bride and groom have done.

indian wedding cake, originally uploaded by Manassas Cakery.

An ethnic cake topper provided by the happy couple themselves adorns this masterfully done cake.

Purple Pose, originally uploaded by Ryan Brenizer.

An elegant and classic pose, this cake topper captures the magic of the bride and groom’s first dance as man and wife.

wedding cake topper, originally uploaded by didi.archidee.

A simple bride and groom wedding cake topper showing that all these two need is each other, on and off the cake.

Prince Charming prepares to carry of his Princess Bride to his castle in this elaborate and classic cake topper. Good luck with all those stairs!

Wongy and Angel, originally uploaded by hello naomi.

This bride is good, no grass stains or dirt on her dress after the typical “running through the meadow” scene! The parasol adds a cute touch as well.

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

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