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FIGURAS PERSONALIZADAS mi novio es muy divertido!!! a great wedding cake topper, originally uploaded by Dulce decoraciĆ³n (modelado – tartas decoradas).

As cute and detailed as this wedding topper is, I can’t help but think that she is levitating in his arms!


Noivinhos Personalizados em Biscuit a great wedding cake topper, originally uploaded by Katya Tchernev.

It looks like this couple is all ready to go somewhere expensive for their honeymoon in this very detailed and specific wedding cake topper.

With This Ring 9/01/09 a great wedding cake topper, originally uploaded by dianecordell.

This was the topper for our wedding cake. 36 years later, the decoration is still in good condition, and so is the marriage. Happy Anniversary, Tim!

Editor – It looks brand new after 36 years, hopefully the couple is doing just as well.

Wedding cake topper at home by affinity1.

Maybe it’s just me but he looks a little young to be getting married. This looks more like his first kiss.

Cake Topper by jazzylolo.

It’s a good thing they don’t eyes so they can’t see their horribly misshapen bodies.

Topper by bebop717.

I get two bodies becoming one but they really are melting together. Some people take things too seriously…

Wedding Cake Topper by ahhyeah.

Simple and elegant. A good use of the symbolism of the rings.


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