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Xbox Cake Topper

Posted on: May 1, 2009

Wedding Cake Topper by EDubya.

The person who made this really knew what they were doing and even threw in empty Mountain Dew cans. Excellent attention to detail.

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12 Responses to "Xbox Cake Topper"

omg where can i buy this its perfect

this is the topper i want for my wedding. where did u get it from!!!??

This is perfect, ha i want this where can i get it?


Thank you for posting this. OMGosh this is so my sig other and me! If I may ask, is there someplace I can order this from? Hope to hear from you! Take care!

hi im getting married in a few months and i wld really love to have this cake topper!!! do you know where i could find this please let me know asap thanx a bunch!!!

love this topper where can i buy it!?

Can you please tell me where you got this

Where did you get this topper – it would be perfect for my daughters wedding?

Google ‘wilton cake topper i have you now’ and it will lead you to the two figures on their own. The rest (I’m guessing) has been made using dolls house miniatures.

I only know as I’m doing this myself!

Wow, how undeniably fitting for my partner and I. As soon as I’m able to drag him away from his consul long enough for a ceremony, I’ll be sure to top our cake with this one.

I LOVE THIS CAKE TOPPER!!! My fiance and I both want this! I think I might have to re-create it myself!!! Who-ever made this, you are very creative and I LOVE ITTTT!!!

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