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Bicycle Built for Two Wedding Cake Topper

Posted on: February 5, 2009

Love, Honour, Cherish, originally uploaded by Temeraire.

One can almost feel the breeze in our Daisy’s hair as she rides along on her love’s bicycle built for two!


12 Responses to "Bicycle Built for Two Wedding Cake Topper"

I wonder what people at the wedding would have thought if they put the groom in the bitch seat.

Who made that for you? My fiance and I have been looking for one like that for so long. I would really like to know where I could get one too!

And how much was this?

I have been looking for a bike topper- where did you get this???

I am very interested in the “bicycle built for two” cake topper. Where can I get this? Thanks

where can i buy this “bicycle built for two” cake topper?

I too fell in love with this topper. I e-mailed the custom topper lady on the page and she quoted me about $400. I decided that just took the budget too far, I mean I’m having $400 worth of cake. In talking to a friend she recommended that I talk to a welder and they are making me one with my length of hair and some extra detail on the bike for $50. You may have to do a little leg work but you can get one without overpaying for it.

I love it! Where could I get one?

Where can I buy this, and for how much? I’m with the others – I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. Help!

I am looking for this exact cake topper. Where can I purchase it?

ArtStyle Cake Toppers has a bicycle cake topper where you can have one bike or two with the bride and groom standing beside them…..

Where did you get this topper? I would like to purchase one.

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