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A special event in your life such as you wedding day should be unique and memorable. If everything is chosen to showcase you, the bride, then why should your wedding cake topper be any less wonderful.

With that in mind we will be displaying only the unique and usual cake toppers ever to top a wedding cake. If you have pictures of your wedding cake topper or any cake topper that made you made we would love to include it – please send it to

Wedding Cake Tradition

Did you know that the tradition of the wedding cake started during the Roman Empire’s rule. But back then they didn’t use cake like we know, they simply used a loaf of bread. And to set the stage for a male dominated marriage he broke the loaf of bread over the bride’s head. He did this “breaking of the bread” as a symbol ofย  his male dominance over her. Nice, huh?

It gets better though, as the task of cutting the cake now represents the partnership of the marriage and their united front in doing the task of cutting the cake together, just like feeding (or stuffing) the cake in other’s cake hole. ๐Ÿ˜‰

History of the Wedding Cake Topper

While there are many stories of how the wedding cake topper came to be, here is my favorite version.

In 1901 a baker’s daughter (of course) was to be married and wanted to find a symbol which would describe what she believed marriage represented. She and her father spent hours upon hours trying to come up with an idea, one which was unique and yet would be recognized by guests and family for what it represented.

Finally, with only days left to the actual event, the father came up with the perfect symbol! He told his daughter it would be a surprise and it would be his own special gift to her on the most important day of her life. As she and her new husband entered the reception hall, there on a table was the most beautiful white layered wedding cake and atop the cake was a miniature couple dressed in wedding wear! The baker explained to his daughter that the couple above the cake represented sweetness, which would always be in their life. Thus the tradition of the Wedding Cake Topper.

But if you go back just a few thousand years you’ll find another tale that may be the true beginnings of the wedding cake topper.

At the coronation of a new King or Queen, the Aztecs would hold a celebration. A scaled-down model of the main temple was constructed out of stone, and figures representing the royalty (King and Queen) were placed on top of the model. As subjects passed the sculpture, they paid homage to their new leaders.

Since Kings and/or Queens were not chosen often, Aztecs who enjoyed the ceremony began to incorporate the ritual into their daily lives. At a wedding, the small temple made of stone was replaced by edible food, such as bread. Eventually, cake became the standard. The dolls atop the centerpiece evolved into representing the bride and groom. While no longer symbolizing royalty, they symbolized something much greater…Love.

Whether or not the wedding cake topper originated 5,000 years ago or just 100 years ago doesn’t really matter – it will be here for as long as couples decide to tie the knot and invite friends and family to witness the blessed event. Because whenever you have people and a party they will always want cake. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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